Katja Neugebauer

Senior Economist at the Financial Stability Department, Structural Studies Unit at the Central Bank of Portugal.


Discussion Papers
Mar 2017
DP 67
Franziska Bremus and Katja Neugebauer
This paper investigates how the withdrawal of banks from their cross-border business impacted the borrowing costs of European firms since the crisis. We combine aggregate information on total and cross-border credit with firm-level survey...
Discussion Papers
Mar 2017
DP 65
Peter S. Eppinger and Katja Neugebauer
Economic research has often relied on a measure of external financial dependence that is constructed using U.S. data and applied to other countries under the assumption of a stable industry ranking across countries. We exploit unique survey data...
Opinion Pieces
Feb 2015
The proposed EU capital markets union aims to revitalise Europe’s economy by creating efficient funding channels between providers of loanable funds and firms best placed to use them. This column argues that a successful union would deliver...