December 10th 2013

Commissioner Piwowar’s (US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)) visit to the SRC on 10th December, centred on the systemic risks hidden in forthcoming regulations and changes to the market structure.

November 28th 2013

The new market-risk regulations are going backwards. Jon Danielsson discusses a detailed quantitative study in his new blog post.

November 27th 2013

Three Discussion Papers have been published this month. Contributors include Co-Director Jean-Pierre Zigrand and Research Associates Douglas Gale, Rohit Rahi, and Bill Ziemba. They are downloadable from here.

October 22nd 2013

Solvency II, the European legislation on prudential rules for insurance companies, is set for a final decision. Jon Danielsson, Ralph S.J. Koijen, Roger Laeven, and Enrico Perotti, argue that the final text should respect three fundamental principles to ensure solvency.

October 3rd 2013

We are honoured to have Dr William T Ziemba as our distinguished Visiting Research Associate at the Systemic Risk Centre.

September 27th 2013

We are pleased to announce the publication of two new Discussion Papers this month.

September 10th 2013

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Discussion Paper series and a new Opinion Piece by Jeffrey M Chwieroth and Jon Danielsson.

September 5th 2013

We are pleased to announce that two PhD students will receive financial support through the SRC. Luana Zaccaria and Cheng Zhang have both been awarded ESRC studentships starting 2013/14. Congratulations!

August 13th 2013

Jon Danielsson and the SRC have published a new book, titled Global Financial Systems.

March 10th 2013

Together with Prof Philip Bond and members of the UK Foresight Team, Jean-Pierre Zigrand visited the National Academies of Sciences on March 7th 2013 to present the Foresight work on the Future of Computer Trading.