Rui Gong

PhD student, Department of Finance, Ohio State University


Discussion Papers
Aug 2016
DP 62
This paper has two main objectives: first, to provide a formal definition of endogenous systemic risk that is firmly grounded in equilibrium dynamics of temporary financial networks (i.e., short-term lending and investment networks); and...
Discussion Papers
Feb 2016
DP 56
Rui Gong, Jieshuang He and Frank Page
We construct a model of a principal-agent game of network formation (over layered networks) with asymmetric information and we consider the following two questions: (1) Is it possible for the principal to design a mechanism that links the reports of...
Discussion Papers
Feb 2016
DP 55
We answer the following question: Does regulating the banking network increase systemic risk in the entire financial network in the presence of unregulated shadow banks? In order to answer this question, we introduce a formal definition of systemic...
Discussion Papers
Jun 2015
DP 39
Rui Gong, Frank Page and Myrna Wooders
We model the structure and strategy of social interactions prevailing at any point in time as a directed network and we address the following open question in the theory of social and economic network formation: given the rules of network and...