Guillaume Plantin

Professor of Economics, Sciences Po Paris


Discussion Papers
Jan 2017
DP 63
Viral Acharya and Guillaume Plantin
We study optimal monetary policy in the presence of financial stability concerns. We build a model in which monetary easing can lower the cost of capital for firms and restore the natural level of investment, but does also subsidize inefficient...
Discussion Papers
Dec 2015
DP 51
Guillaume Plantin and Jean Tirole
While the debate on cost and market-value accounting has been raging for years, economists lack a framework allowing a comparison of their relative merits. This paper considers an agency model in which the measurement of an asset can be based on...
Discussion Papers
Oct 2014
DP 17
We offer a model of currency carry trades in which carry traders earn positive excess returns if they successfully coordinate on supplying excessive capital to a target economy. The interest-rate differential between their funding currency and the...