Andreas Uthemann

Senior Economist in the Financial Markets Department (FMD) of the Bank of Canada

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Discussion Papers
Jun 2020
DP 98
We assess the ability of an information aggregation mechanism that operates in the over-the-counter market for financial derivatives to reduce valuation uncertainty among market participants. The analysis is based on a unique dataset of price...
Opinion Pieces
Mar 2020
Artificial intelligence, such as the Bank of England Bot, is set to take over an increasing number of central bank functions. This column argues that the increased use of AI in central banking will bring significant cost and efficiency benefits, but...
Special Papers
Jul 2019
SP 16
Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing how the financial system is operated, taking over core functions because of cost savings and operational efficiencies. AI will assist both risk managers and microprudential authorities. It meanwhile...
Discussion Papers
Mar 2019
DP 88
Marco Cipriani, Antonio Guarino and Andreas Uthemann
We develop a new methodology to estimate the impact of a financial transaction tax (FTT) on informational efficiency, liquidity and volatility. In our sequential trading model there are price elastic noise traders and traders with private...
Special Papers
Nov 2017
SP 13
Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing how financial institutions are operated and regulated. The authors discuss the benefits and danger that AI may bring to the objectives of risk management and macroprudential supervision.
Discussion Papers
Sep 2017
DP 73
This paper provides an explanation for the variety of contracts offered by competitive firms for seemingly identical products or services. I show that two competing firms offering menus of non-linear price schedules to customers with biased beliefs...
Opinion Pieces
Feb 2015
The proposed EU capital markets union aims to revitalise Europe’s economy by creating efficient funding channels between providers of loanable funds and firms best placed to use them. This column argues that a successful union would deliver...