Eva Micheler

Reader in Law at LSE and a Universit√§tsprofessor at the University of Economics in Vienna 


Special Papers
Apr 2018
SP 14
Eva Micheler and Anna Whaley
Technology changes society. Financial services and their regulation is not immune from this. Indeed, distributed ledger technology and artificial intelligence have the potential to change the way in which financial services are delivered and...
Opinion Pieces
May 2017
Brexit is likely to cause considerable disruption for financial markets. Some worry that it may also increase systemic risk. This column revisits the debate and argues that an increase in systemic risk is unlikely. While legal ‘plumbing...
Discussion Papers
Jan 2016
DP 53
Many debt claims, such as bonds, are resaleable, whereas others, such as repos, are not. There was a fivefold increase in repo borrowing before the 2008 crisis. Why? Did banks’ dependence on non-resaleable debt precipitate the crisis? In this...
Opinion Pieces
Feb 2015
The proposed EU capital markets union aims to revitalise Europe’s economy by creating efficient funding channels between providers of loanable funds and firms best placed to use them. This column argues that a successful union would deliver...
Discussion Papers
Jul 2014
DP 14
This paper shows that the current market infrastructure systemically prevents investors, both shareholders and bondholders, from exercising their rights against issuers. Equity and debt securities are now normally held through a chain of custodians...